03/23/09 LINK: Great Newsletter & Free Gifts

I really am loving Ceramic Arts Daily more and more. Usually when I've subscribed to a newsletter, no matter the topic, I've been disappointed....

Not the case with Ceramic Arts Daily's emailed newsletter. It's short, it has purdy pictures for days I don't wanna read, and whether I follow links or not it keeps my head in clay each day!

When you subscribe, they now offer several free book downloads. At the time of this post, I've only looked through the 7 Pottery Projects download, but I have to say I plan to try all seven projects! Below is a list of the offered downloads:

~ Buyers Guide to Ceramic Supplies and Materials
~ Emerging Ceramic Artists to Watch
~ 2008 Workshop Handbook
~ 7 Great Pottery Projects
~ 33 Tried and True Ceramic Glaze Recipes
~ Ceramic Arts Handbook

If you'd like to subscribe, click this link:

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