03/24/09 Flood at the Clay Station? (PICS)

So, it's spring in North Dakota and it's time for our second or third 100-year-flood in only a decade. lol. I'm in a new house this year, so a little unsure of what to expect in my basement.

From what neighbors have told me, between the old cistern below the basement floor and the submersible sump pump in it, I should only have to worry about a little water that seeps over/through the walls. As of last night, there's some water seeping in behind the wood paneling on the walls near a window, but since the basement isn't a finished living space, let 'er weep!

My "Clay Station" is being set up down there in the basement. Thankfully, clay is a messy thing anyway and I'm not too worried! I just lifted a rug off the floor, stacked the laundry tubs and it should be good to go.

Fargo and other communities along the Red River (of the North) are in the middle of another frenzy to fill sandbags. Thank God for the students who go out to help...they're a huge chunk of the workforce. One county has 85% of its roads under water. Schools have closed because of lift station issues, and those that are open have opted not to send out buses on these flooded roads.

And we're supposed to get snow tonight! lol. Really, ND is NOT for the faint of heart, is it?

I've posted a couple pics I had taken of the Sheyenne River in Lisbon near the dam in 1997, the last Big Flood. In one you can see the ice around a tree after the water level dropped. Some of you might remember national coverage of the flooding in Grand Forks, ND that year.

For those of you fighting with flooding, I wish you the best and take comfort from a community that rallies around each other in times of need.

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