03/18/09 The VCSU Ceramics Lab

I thought everyone might like to see the area in which I'm fortunate enough to play in clay.

The ceramics lab is located on the campus of Valley City State University in ND, where I once attended classes. Jerrel Holm is the ceramics instructor, and I have to say I was amazed at how clean and orderly the place is.

I've missed the studio! The first time I walked in after 10 yrs away, I realized how much I loved even the SMELL of the place! Mmmm...dussst. lol.

  1. The Wheel-Throwing Area. So far, I've still got a few of the wheels to check out. lol. Each is different, ya know! One of these nights I'd like to try one of the two kickwheels, too - I've never used one.

  2. The Work Tables. There are four 8-foot tables and a long bank of shelves along the back wall. One of the two sinks is also located in this area, as well as the instructor's dry erase board and A/V screen.

  3. The Glaze Room. This room is where the color lives! lol. Each 5 gallon bucket contains glazes for reduction firins. There are bins and shelves for the various minerals and compounds used in the glaze recipes. Basically, you end up with runny mud. In the kiln, the crystals in this "mud" melt to form something like glass. You've heard that glass is made from "sand", right? Similar idea.

  4. The Electric Kilns. I hope to become better acquainted with these one day. lol. So far, I haven't had much to do with the technical end of how my pots turn out, but I'd love to learn. I believe Jerrel fires these to Cone 6. There is a larger brick kiln in the back room that I believe we used to fire to Cone 10....don't quote me on that, though!


A Knittin' Junkie! said...

WoW! I have always wanted to get my hands into clay! I've never gotten to though.
I am so glad you are fortunate enough to have access to such a place!

Be sure to stop back by my blog...there's a little something there for ya!!!

Hugs, Health and Happiness,

Kaine said...

This studio is awesome! I like my studio at home but ohhhh to have all that space would be so awesome! I feel a bit cramped in my studio right now.

Wanted to tell you an old friend of mine requested that I make him a piece! How exciting to have someone see my work and like it so much that they want a piece for themselves! I can't wait to get started!

P.S. I am glad you fixed up the blog...totally less confusing now :) I need to create a gallery as well. I would still like to post pics in posts but it would be nice just to view the pictures too. How did you do this?

Sara McManigle said...

Janna (Kaine)~

You've been commissioned!!! lol. Congrats!

The Gallery and Archive are each totally separate blogs. You can sign in with your current google account and "create blog" all over again.

When I set mine up, since was the main page, I used winged-archive and winged-gallery for the other two.

Since they're separate, that's why I set up those "buttons" that link to the other two pages. I used the picture gadget for that.

Have fun!

Sara McManigle said...

Anita ~ Thanks! I really do love that place. lol. I'm dancing around, squealing and giddy when I walk in!

I'm on my way to check out this mysterious thang on your blog! lol.

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Nice space, lots of room. I found your blog through SP. I like the set-up.

Click "The Gallery" to view images of artwork on another page.

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