03/10/09 The Blizzard Stomp

Alrighty! I knew it was gonna be a nasty storm when a meteorologist friend mentioned "Armageddon on Tuesday" in his Facebook status. I've also been predicting it for months. It's my birthday tomorrow - it always storms the week of my birthday! lol.

But this is ridiculous. I know the Post Office has that splendid motto (you know how it goes), but when the higher-ups make us postal employees go out in a currently-raging blizzard where the snow is 3 feet deep in front of your door...THAT'S RIDICULOUS.

And the funny thing is, there isn't even any mail today. They just want the P.O. box barcodes scanned and sent in on time. The postmaster in Hope went in the ditch trying to get to her post in a 4x4!

I walked so I wouldn't get stuck. Snow almost to your knees the whole way with ice under your feet is an interesting walk. On the way I saw a couple using one 4x4 to pull their other 4x4 out of the snow....in-town...IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREET! lol.

I think we need a new, more realistic motto. At least for P.O.s in the upper midwest! Come on, everyone already knows it's a freaking tundra up here...pretty sure the Postmaster General himself would say "You went to work? What's wrong with you?"

So, here I sit in the store. It's closed. There's no mail. Just waitin' to hear from the postmaster in nearby Hope. I figured I'd get confirmation that my scans went through because there is NO WAY I'm making this trek a second time! lol.


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