03/13/09 Red Clay, Big Pots, & Underwear

Oooo...Friday the 13th! Nothing had better happen to my pots sitting all lonely in the studio 25 miles away!

I threw a "big" vase last night around midnight. (Shush, I didn't get in there until 9:30!) It's the biggest piece I've ever done, I think. It's also red clay - another first!

Beforehand, I had gone shopping for my store (When don't I, right? lol.) Lately I can't seem to get out of a place without buying something for playing in clay. Last night this compulsion brought home:

(1) Herb Mincer - the handled thing with multiple rotary wheels? Yeah, all I saw was something to engrave the outside of a pot!
(1) Glass Iced Tea Dispenser with Spout - I saw this "recipe" for Magic Water that's supposed to be great for attaching clay to clay...and it just happened to make a gallon!
(4) 4ft Fluorescent Bulbs - the workspace in the basement would be dark otherwise.
(1) Dustpan & Sweep - I'm working with dirt. Need I say more?
(1) Dollar Bin Table Cloth - Hey! I can move another small ugly table into the gallery area at the store!
(1) Set of Dollar Bin Scrubbies - I now have so many I will never have a rough pot again.

You get the idea. No store is safe!!! lol I'm guessing if I went into...say Victoria's Secret... there would even be a gorgeous clay-colored ensemble that I just had to have for those days you just wanna sit at the wheel in your underwear.

...There's no picture for that!

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