05/29/09 R.I.P. Split Rim Pot!

Sad, sad news. The split rim, inherited bottle, and bowl that I called the Devil Pot in a previous post all bit it. lol. During the bisque firing (before you glaze and fire again). Shattered I guess. Jerrel was so nice about how he told me about it. He was even intending to call!

What was it I said about being too precious with the pieces? How I should just break some perfectly fine pieces to get past that feeling that each one is sooo precious? The kiln just did it for me!


Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

That is too bad that it broke, but maybe you are right about needing to break some pieces. It does get easier each time.

Have a good weekend.

Kaine said...

I haven't made anything in a while...although I did make a dent in the organizing of the art studio. Pictures coming soon...hopefully.

Glad you got your wheel though...It is home and set up then or what? I need more pictures...?

Anonymous said...

How long have you been potting?? I have been at it for about 13 years now and so DO NOT have precious pots! Although, I will admit to being perturbed when I rush a kiln firing and things go Kaboom!
I take it your work is at a communal studio? Sounds like either it wasn't dry enough to go in the kiln yet or someone else's work wasn't dry and took yours out too.
One of the main reasons I have slowly acquired my own studio tools so I could control my work better AND also only blame myself for mistakes.
GORGEOUS platter - I LOVE the rim. Sucks that it didn't make it =o(
Penni (aka Clayslinger)

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