05/20/09 Anxious, Yet Fearless!

So, I was thinking about the jeep tour the fam told me they took in AZ. It was a lil hair-raising for some at times. We joked that I would have loved it.

AND I WOULD HAVE! To death - maybe literally, from the description of the trail? lol.

I think I've always been like that. I'm told that as a baby, I was a climber. On the other hand, I had colic and was irrationally upset by the loss of my pacifier. (Hello, food addiction!)

I thought back to when we were in elementary school. Dad was driving us there one winter day and took the Townline Hill - steep, narrow, curvy with a ravine along one side. We started skidding for a bit. Amy - & even Dad - were a little scared.

...I, however, thought it was a hoot! (I think I was even told to be quiet! lol. Imagine that!)

I started wondering how I can have anxiety issues, but not worry about dying? How the heck does THAT work?

Why does some speed bump in my life throw me for complete crazy-loop... but the big things hardly register?

I wanna know: Do you worry more about life or death?

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