05/08/09 For the Love of Mud

Can you believe that last night, after many weeks away, I almost went left Valley City without going to the pottery studio? I went there TO DO pottery! What was I thinking? lol.

(I was thinking "It's already 8:00 and I have my dog along, maybe I should come in for a full day Sunday." Thankfully, I came to my senses and hit the studio.)

It turned out to be a great night! First, I threw a rounded a large cereal bowl, I suppose. The next was supposed to be a low, wide bowl. It flopped! UGH! I was torqued, to say the least. It's only the third piece to flop so far, but grrr.

I was so upset I grabbed twice as much clay and tried it again.

Holy Hannah, look what came off the wheel on the second try! It's pictured above. I would guess in this wet stage it measures the same as the wheelhead - about 12 inches? I managed to leave enough clay at the lip to split and pinch it. I saw this technique in a video at Ceramic Arts Daily and have been wanting to try it.

I have to say, I'm in love. I might end up with a series of these.

My friend in the art department stopped by the studio & said I was turning out some "thin" pots. Woohoo! I always worry they're going to be thick. They start out thin when they're wet, then they shrink as they dry and the walls become thicker!

She also mentioned that there will be a new ceramics professor. I inherited the bottle a candidate threw during his interview. :-P I didn't get a chance to get to know the current professor Jerrel well, but wish him all the best when his work at VCSU finishes up!

After getting back in the groove of things again, I've come to realize I NEED to get a pottery wheel at home. I'd still audit courses at VCSU for instruction on firings, technical advice, access to lab equipment and supplies, and - maybe most importantly - communication with others who are interested in pottery.

I think that if I had a wheel and could sneak in a half hour here and there or an entire day on the weekend, my skill level would really take off. When you think about it, the hour I spend sitting in the car driving to the studio could be better spent sitting at a wheel! The more pots I make, the more encouraged I am that this really COULD be a career down the road.

...And that prospect makes me feel pretty damn good!

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Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

I am glad that you got to the studio. The bowl looks good. I have tried throwing before, but because I am not willing to cut my nails that short I never got a good handle on it.

Good luck on finding a wheel for at home. It does make since if you are spending a lot of time driving to the studio.


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