05/01/09 VIDEO: Coil & Throw Method

OK! So, how enthralled do you think I was while watching this video?

First reason for my fascination with anything having to do with clay: Due to forces beyond my control involving a river, flooding, and a university who's classes had to cease early this semester...I HAVEN'T BEEN AT A WHEEL IN WEEEEEEKS! :-P

Second, I've always been interested in "bigware". I think because, although I'm not a weakling, I always had a hard time centering the large amount of clay. Then it was a challenge for me to keep twist out of the bottom of the pot as I worked higher up around the neck.

Also, let's face it: I'm not a svelt chick! My hands and arms are anything but delicate, so reaching down into the pot prevented me from keeping the pot collared in at the top sometimes.

I think this might be a sweeeeet solution! I didn't even know you could do this - maybe I missed that day in class 10 years ago? lol. What's nice is that even if I don't go into bigware, I can use this technique to keep the pot narrower than my arm and not have to deal with trying to throw with a long stick to increase my reach.

I may have found a couple wheels for sale in the Minneapolis area. Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe I can try out this method soon!

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