04/17/09 VIDEO: Show Up, Even If Your Muse Didn't

Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Eat, Pray, Love" was so successful that everyone worried if she'd ever be able to repeat that creative performance. The concern led Gilbert to investigate how past cultures and societies handled creative strokes of genius, and she discovered a rather curious insight from ancient Greek and Roman cultures -- that people aren't geniuses, but rather they have a genius. Funny, personal and surprisingly moving, this TED talk received a full standing ovation from an audience of people who generally don't give in to beliefs about muses, fairies and god forces!

****I found a link to this video through the Robert Genn Facebook Fan Page. (I'll post about the Genn newsletter another time...)

The video is 20 min. long but definitely worth it. Definitely inspiring for anyone who has a creative soul. If you can't watch the whole thing right now, bookmark this link:

To watch the video, be sure to pause the music on my page in the black player in the upper right corner. If the video loads slowly here, try clicking the above link. Enjoy!

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