03/04/09 Playin' in Mud Again!

I'm very excited to announce that I will finally be doing pottery again! I will be working in the VCSU pottery lab this semester as an alumnus auditing the ceramics courses.

For ten years I've been looking forward to this! Yay!

If anyone knows of any used pottery equipment, let me know, as that's my next goal. Let's hope it doesn't take ANOTHER 10 years!


Willow Lake Stitches said...

Your blog looks very nice, and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL !

Keep posting. . . .and try to find some blog rings to get on. . .that will increase your traffic !

I am HAPPY to be your FIRST follower !


Carrie L Wendt said...

Your blog is coming along nicely! Good for you! You have been a busy lady.... me too! Trying to be a mom and get back into my artistic groove.... inspiration comes and goes you know how it is..... I am working on something new that I am having a hard time translating from concept to the actual art, rrrrgggg! BTW I LOVE that you are doing pottery... L O V E love it! An art I admire and something I could never be good at! Take care for now! And hey tomorrow is the big day... who will win..... euuuuwwwwww the anticipation is a killer huh! See Ya later!

Kaine said...

Hey Sara! Im here. Your blog looks great so far! Keep up the great work. And you are already going on etsy! Wow....busy woman. Keep up the great work sweets

Sara said...

Thanks guys! Carrie - "An art I admire and something I could never be good at!" - I think we all feel that way about others work! I think the same thing when I look at yours. "How'd she do that...???"

Beth - Thanks for the tip about the blog rings & the compliment about the pics. Now if I can just get more added to ImageKind! That might actually be fun. Gotta get paintings scanned in so I have a file to upload.

Janna - I added you to Facebook! The Etsy stuff is just my "favorites" there until I have some items to list. Hopefully that won't be too long! Can't wait for the final firing!

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